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Preschool Programs (3-5 years)

3 Years Old

The primary focus of our 3-year-old program is your child's development in language arts and literacy, math, science, social and emotional skills, gross and fine motor skills, and character development.

4 Years Old

In our 4-year-old class, we allow children to learn through teacher and peer interaction in both large and small groups. We recite poems, measure things, identify feelings, and learn basic table etiquette.

5 Years Old

Our 5-year-old classroom focuses on Kindergarten readiness. We fill school days with fun, challenging learning and social activities designed to inspire children to create, move, and interact.

Daily Activities

Age 4

Age 5

Child Care

We offer before and after child care and summer camps.

Age 3

We work on letters, counting, painting, and dramatic play.

We identify shapes, learn about counting, and share stories.

We learn upper and lower case letters, phonics, and writing skills.

Bright Minds Learning Center LLC has a planned preschool program that's offered all year long. Teachers are eager to help children ages 3-5 learn new things and focus on getting ready for Kindergarten.

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