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By inspiringbr3907557, Feb 9 2018 06:09PM

We can thank the Jewish population of Eastern Europe for the dense, chewy, doughy circles of wheat that have assimilated into our western diet about as easily as apple pie. Topped with a schmear of cream cheese, peanut butter and just about any other sandwich filler you can think of, the bagel is especially popular in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.

Often topped with poppy or sesame seeds baked on the outer crust, bagels may also come with salt sprinkled on their outer crust. The most popular bagel remains the plain bagel, closely followed by the sesame.

In order to celebrate these doughy bread rounds, why not consider enjoying one on February 9, otherwise known as National Bagel Day (and Bagel and Lox Day).

Bagel Trivia:

Bagels have made their way to outer space thanks to Canadian-born astronaut Gregory Chamitoff. He’s the first space monkey to have taken a batch of 18 sesame seed bagels into space on his 2008 Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

Freeze bagels as soon after purchase as possible, using a heavy air-tight bag with the air squeezed out of it. Freezing a stale bagel won’t magically make it not stale, so freeze when fresh. Day- or two-old bagels can be popped in the micro wave for a few seconds to refresh them. Be sure to wrap it in a moistened paper towel before zapping.

Believe it or not, it’s said a frozen bagel will help a crying, teething baby. Considered a safe and healthy teething ring, a frozen bagel must be carefully watched to ensure it doesn’t thaw enough so that bits are bitten off and swallowed.

The biggest bagel ever was created by Bruegger’s Bagels at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York in 2004. It weighed 868 pounds, was six feet in diameter and nearly 20 inches thick.

Ben & Jerry originally considered getting into the bagel business, but the equipment was too expensive.

Today our kiddos at Bright Minds will be enjoying bagels for their afternoon snack as we celebrate a tasty snack indeed!


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