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Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

By inspiringbr3907557, Mar 6 2018 05:12PM

We had such a fun time last Friday on Dr. Seuss's birthday! The Cat in the Hat stopped by to read his book to us! He even brought us some treats that looked just like him!

At Bright Minds, we love taking every opportunity we can to read to our children. And there's not a better day during the year to make it as fun as possible! They got to eat strawberry, banana, marshmallow skewers while listening to The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and Oh, The Places You'll Go!.

Later that day, the kids got to crack, peel and eat their own green egg! What a fun way to practice fine motor skills. We had a blast and hope you all did too. A special thanks to Cat in the Hat for making the day extra special!

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